Why we prioritize values

By April 4, 2022Blog, P1 Industries
P1 Values Awards

At P1 Industries, values matter .. a lot. We understand that a business built solely around performance metrics will succeed only as much as that performance lasts. We believe in – and are experiencing – a different approach. We’re building on a values-based culture which enables better, more meaningful, long-lasting performance. Our values are our foundation.

When CEO David W. Dussault first launched P1 Industries fourteen years ago, values were a vital part of the conversation and planning from the very beginning. Over the years, as the company morphed and continued to grow, he and his team went through several iterations of the values they wanted to build P1 on. Recently, we settled on the four values that deeply define and clearly express our unique culture, performance and also our benefit to our customers.

Our four values are: integrity, humility, diligence and learning. We are building a company of hard working, honest, humble and constantly growing people. And practically, it’s reflected in our growth and performance over the past decade and a half as we’re presently enjoying our most successful and fruitful year ever.

P1 Values AwardsJust last week, we celebrated our first ever quarterly P1 Values Awards. Our four winners, one for each value, received a certificate of recognition plus a $1000 in appreciation of them embodying and demonstrating, on a daily basis, that value. P1 Marketing Manager, Lorenzo Agnes, put together an inclusive values awards project involving the whole company.

First, a group of leaders are each given a Value ticket to hand out to any team member at p1 who they believe best reflects that value. They also have to write a paragraph motivating their nomination. Once all the nominations have been collected, Lorenzo sends out a company wide survey listing the nominees and giving everyone the opportunity to also vote. In this way the nominees are not only recognized by the leader, but by their peers as well. The team member with the highest tally wins the value award and receives the recognition at an all hands lunch held at the end of the quarter.

As you can imagine, this has had a very positive and powerful effect at P1 Industries. Knowing that any team member can be recognized and rewarded for who they are and what they add to the corporate culture, not only how they perform at their job, has expanded our understanding of what it means to build a world class manufacturing business.

As our customers also benefit from our focus on values, our hope is that they and even other manufacturing companies will employ a similar approach so that together, we can accomplish our vision of revitalizing American manufacturing through innovation and leadership.