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Work with our engineers to bring your ideas to life.

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Our team can take a look at the materials used, manufacturing process, dimensions of your product, and costs to see if you can profit from a product idea.

Product Feasibility: Ensure Your Idea Will Work

You don’t want to spend a load of cash before you find out that your product idea will be too expensive to manufacture, or that a certain type of metal or plastic will work better than others. P1 provides professional product feasibility studies and investigation to make sure that your metal tooling or equipment will work well for its intended purpose, and will be worth the cost of manufacturing.

Computer Aided Design for a correct product functionality.

Not only do we work with professional engineers to bring your ideas to life, but we also have the CAD software and talent to design your products, parts or equipment right here at P1’s machine shop. Having your product designed by the same company that will manufacture it will save you time, money and the headache of having to explain your vision over and over.

Prototypes & Scale Models to ensure your idea works.

Let us bring your idea to life with a scale model or working prototype and find out what the end product will look like. Whether that product will be as big as a bridge or so small it fits in the palm of our hand, we can collaborate with you to get the perfect replica before we begin a big structural manufacturing job or start a short run of your product.

Comprehensive Production Services all in one place.

Our team can finish almost any production job, from product design to delivery, right here at P1, and if we can’t do a little portion of the job, we have trusted resources who care about your product as much as we do. With a custom manufacturing and CNC machine shop next to a fabrication shop, and assembly and paint services on our property, our comprehensive services can save you production time and shipping costs.

Hear how we partnered with IES on their high pressure extraction cylinders, simplifying a key product line.

P1 and IES

P1 was able to leverage their engineering and design capability to bring a product to our new market that had not existed.


Kelly KnutsonIsolate Extraction Systems

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