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We are fully certified for custom fabrications.
Our in-house capabilities coupled with our Sp1ndle network, meets your demand in time and on budget.


Arc Welding.
MIG Welding.
TIG Welding.
Aluminum Welding.
Steel Welding.
Stainless Steel Welding.
Gas Welding.
Zinc Metallizing.

Light Sheet Metal

5 axis laser jet.
5 axis water jet.
High Precision.


Silver Brazing.
Copper Brazing.
Aluminum Brazing.
Brazing of Carbide.


Metal Bending with a 20 Foot Press Brake.
Metal Fabrication Services.
Metal Stamping – Punch Press Stamping.

Watch how we fabricated a generator shroud for a top steam turbine manufacturing company

Blower Shroud


P1 was able to step outside the box and come up with a new way to manufacture my parts at a reduced cost, with on time delivery.


BuyerAerospace Industry

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