Americas fastest producer of generator coils

Over $4 million invested with 24,000 sqft dedicated to providing manufactured and outage specific services for the power generation industry.

C Coils

All fabrication manufactured on premises.
All Frame Sizes.
Emergency Turnaround.

24/7 Outage Support

We can turn around emergency parts faster than anyone, often having them manufactured and delivered in less than 8 days.

Brazed Square Corner

Commercial applications.
Military and defense applications.
Dedicated production line.
Emergency Turnaround.

Rotor Services

Reinsulating Services.
Synchronous Rotor Rewind and Recondition.
2 Week Manufacturing Cycle.

Our Generator Windings service was birthed out of meeting and emergency customer need.

Driving Operational Excellence

P1 is my go-to supplier when speed and quality are imperative.


General ManagerPower Generation Market

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