Stator & Rotor Assembly

P1 Manufacturing recently assembled a complex engineered piece for ASTEC. Our teams worked together, combining highly engineered custom parts to create this amazing piece of technology.

The Heatec Barracuda® Colloid Mill is used to make polymer modified asphalt and emulsified asphalt. It has the ability to produce 15,000* gallons of emulsified asphalt per hour in a single pass through the mill. It is powered by a either a 150 or 75 hp electric motor. The mill is designed so the motors are interchangeable without having to change many of the components.

Mixing in the mill takes place in the gap between the two mill plates. One plate is mounted on an adjustable stator and remains fixed during operation. The other plate is mounted on the rotor and spins at 3600 rpm. The liquids are combined or polymers are sheared by the action of the plates. The gap between the plates can be adjusted to produce the optimum mixture.

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