New Defense Division added

P1 Manufacturing | Defense and Military Division

Our New Military and Aerospace Division is up and running!

We’ve officially launched a new, fully dedicated Defense and Aerospace Division. Two new pieces equipment below are our first investments into that division, combined with vertically integrated inspection capabilities (6-axis CMM arms, digital gauging suite) and a leadership team committed to helping global OEM’s power, protect and propel our world.

We are currently making precision components for aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, power plants and the hydrogen economy, and are expanding that scope into military and commercial aerospace platforms, partnering with industry leaders to keep manufacturing in America.

We are AS9100 certified, have a full-time sales and marketing team dedicated to these emerging industries and now, a focused 15,000 square foot facility with state of the art precision equipment and capabilities.

In addition, we are close to finishing a deal that will expand our operations by another 20,ooo square feet and create 12 to15 new high paying jobs in the next 3 to 5 months.

We are looking for Machinists, Programmers, Quality Engineers with Aerospace expertise, welders, and CMM operators. Please apply at P1 Pathways and join our mission!

P1 is helping global OEM’s deliver engineered parts that power, protect and propel our world!

Right here in Schenectady.