Optimize Your Make-to-Order
Supply Chain

Accelerate Your Workflow

The Problem Space

OEM’s in industries such as electric power, oil & gas, defense, and aerospace depend on an inbound supply of custom parts and assemblies. And while OEMs have spent billions on ERPs, if you take away spreadsheets and email, their supply chains break.

Our Solution

The P1ston SaaS platform makes customer-to-supplier workflows easier and faster. We eliminate menial tasks and streamline sourcing activities for both customers and suppliers, ultimately lowering costs across the supply chain.


Enhanced Order Management

  • Interactive dashboard of open line items.
  • Automated update requests for all suppliers.
  • Issue tracking and alerts.
  • Priority flagging of urgent orders.
  • Optional integration to source data systems.
P1 Industries P1ston: Enhanced Order Management

Secure Access From Anywhere

  • Files and communications encrypted in transit and at rest.
  • State of the art security powered by Amazon Web Services.
  • Consistent experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Streamlined Supplier Updates

  • One-click promise date confirmation.
  • Easy changes with reason codes.
  • Shipment notifications.
  • Updates from the shop floor with mobile.
  • No more spreadsheet headaches.
P1 Industries P1ston: Streamlined Supplier Updates

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