When we started P1 in 2006, our vision was to create an enhanced service model in the manufacturing industry. We wanted to build a healthy and vibrant company that honored its customers and employees; creating a multi-generational team passionate about making products in the USA.

Early on, we worked hard to sell our model to potential customers and sought to solve the fragmentation issue in the industrial supply chain. Products were being purchased from hundreds of suppliers around the world, with shipments arriving at large assembly firms with fulfillment inconsistencies. Our team designed a business model to consolidate the supply chain and provide consistency in product fulfillment by having our customers place a single order on us. This allowed us to source, inspect, inventory, kit, package and ship completed orders directly to our customer’s assembly lines when they needed them.

This was the origin of our company name – Package One – since we specialized in supply chain rationalization and product inventory, kitting and delivery services.

From those humble beginnings, our company has evolved into a fully integrated supply chain network, with vertical in-house manufacturing capabilities, serving globally diverse OEM’s in the energy and aerospace markets through fast, extraordinary service and cost leadership. We went from a virtual supply chain to two locations with over 45,000 square feet of efficient manufacturing space with state-of-the-art equipment and processes combined with world class people.

Over the last decade, we have grown from a one-person start-up to a 100-person firm with an operating model that is vision and values driven, founded on the principles of service with a healthy and vibrant culture focused on executing a well-defined strategy. We have grown and have the resources to service large clients around the world, but remain humble, hungry and entrepreneurial in all our endeavors.

When you work with P1 and our team, you are not working with an average manufacturing firm. You are working with a team that is passionate about making products in the USA, whom honor their customers and employees and who are entrepreneurial in solving our customer’s toughest issues. After all, we were once a start-up and although we have matured as an organization, we still act like a start-up and treat every order as if it were our first!

Our origins matter to us. They define who we are and where we came from. They inform our values and behaviors. They established the foundation of honorable service we value so highly today.

Our company’s vision statement provides clear and inspiring direction and has established a deeply rooted sense of purpose for all our people.

After opening the doors to our first factory on March 1, 2007, we ceremoniously hung the American Flag on the largest wall for all employees and visitors to see. The moment created a sense of pride for our team and bound us together in a unified sense of purpose that still guides us today. That day began shaping our vision as a company and manifested itself in fast growth and high retention rates of great people.


Our Vision is “To Revitalize American Manufacturing Through Entrepreneurship.”  


This vision is vitally important to our people and to all customers and suppliers that we work with around the world for many reasons. First, it creates a sense of pride in our workmanship. We are passionate about making products in the USA and as such, our people are exceptionally detail oriented and input extra care to every order and customer interaction so we can compel them to buy products from us here in Upstate NY.

Second, it informs our hiring and training practices. To make American manufacturing a viable option, we must hire and train the workforce of the future. More than 50% of our workforce are under the age of 35 which creates long-term, sustained employees that are highly productive and committed to our cause.

Last, it informs our investing strategy. To compel our customers to work with us over our international competition, we re-invest more than 90% of our free cash flows into new manufacturing technologies, facility upgrades and enhancements and process improvements. This helps us maintain our competitive cost position and offer our customers flexible manufacturing solutions that are affordable.

We believe that our pride in workmanship, hiring, training and investing strategies helps revitalize American manufacturing, but also that it is only truly achieved with a culture of entrepreneurship. Dynamic, problem solving, agile, flexible and passionate people serving customers with pride.

Our vision is well on its way and we have achieved a 98%+ retention rate of great people since 2007, providing our customers with a team that is reliable, driven and unified in revitalizing American manufacturing.

As a start-up company in 2006, we were driven to create a new service model in the manufacturing industry.

As our strategy started to yield significant growth, we were hiring new people every month and evolving as a company. Our vision was crystallizing and an operating culture started to take shape. In 2013, we started the process of establishing a set of company values and wanted to develop actionable beliefs that influenced our behaviors as an organization.

Since then, we have incorporated them into all team expectations and have structured individual and team incentives around them. We operationalized our values and starting living them rather than letting them simply become a list of unimportant words hanging on the wall.

These are the values informing how we operate:

HONOR |  Our customers, team and community.

PASSION |  For our vision and mission.

LEARNING |  Share, teach and grow.

FRIENDSHIP |  Building enduring relationships.

ENTREPRENEURIAL |  Fearless, problem solving and resourceful, with an underdog mentality.