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We have made the commitment to bring our manufacturing expertise into the global aerospace and defense (A&D) markets. P1 has made several investments into this commitment to fully support our clients with exceptional quality and fulfillment.


Newly certified to AS:9100 (Rev: D)

Upgraded ISO:9001 certification to the new 2015 standard

Catia multi-platform software

Mastercam software

Newly installed CMM (Hexagon Xcel 9159)

ITAR Registered

SAM Registered



P1’s 25+ CNC installed base gives us incredible breadth, depth, and flexibility to cut a variety of metals including Stainless Steel, Titanium, Inconel, and other High Nickel Alloys. Our multiple 5th axis Mazak machines allow us to dramatically reduce set-up and cycle times on the most complex and critical components.  We have experience machining everything from tooling and fixturing to a variety of jet engine components.



P1’s product expertise within the turbine-generator field translates seamlessly into our ability to service nuclear submarine power generation. In fact, our entire fossil and hydro power product portfolio is available for this application.


Machined & Brazed Metallic Components

Collector Rings

Shaft Extensions

Insulated Connection Bars

Insulated Terminals

Field Wedges

Slot Amortisseurs

Brazed Flexible Leads/Connections


Nuclear-Submarine Rotor Coils

P1 Generator Windings (GW) is full-scale facility that is dedicated exclusively to the engineering and manufacturing of generator rotor coils. To truly provide value in the market, P1 GW has adopted the lean principles of manufacturing. The lean mentality enables us to meet the cost conscious demands for new production coils while simultaneously satisfying the speed requirements necessitated in the aftermarket.