Process Engineering Capabilities: Innovation Services

We are an Engineering and Manufacturing team committed to adding value to our customer’s product innovation lifecycle through our Design > Prototype > Produce services.


Working with
our customers to aid
in the design process


Iterative product manufacturing to optimize design cost


Scaling the
production process
for fulfillment

Combining software, world-class machine tools, people and processes, creating a product development process unmatched in the industrial supply chain

Solid Works

Master Cam

Master Cam




P1 is masterful at developing new manufacturing processes to help our customers solve a supply chain issue. We have completed 60+ new process qualifications for our customers since 2007 and invest in new capabilities where required to produce products and scale capacity.

New Process Introduuction (NPI)

New Process Introduction

We have a proven, controlled NPI process yielding 100% success

  • Fully documented manufacturing process plans (MPP’s)
  • Quality plans
  • First piece/article with customer sign-offs
  • Materials selection
Implementing New Capabilities

Implementing New Capabilities

Our team of Engineers identify & implement new manufacturing capabilities

  • Have implemented 100+ new machining/other capabilities since 2007
  • Installation/Qualification
  • Go from idea to implementation fast
  • New technologies
Scaling Capacity

Scaling Capacity

We can add capacity quickly and efficiently to scale production

  • Full value chain in place from banks to equipment dealers to riggers
  • Positioned for growth
  • Consistent hiring & training ensures workforce
  • High recurring revenues