P1's proprietary, software driven supply chain advantage

Faster quoting and better tracking means reduced lead times

Our Sp1ndle Operating System powerfully leverages capacity inside the Supply Chain for rapid, cost saving services to our clients.

P1 Industries Sp1ndle Operating System

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Shared Vision

We have a mission to revitalize American manufacturing. Supplying hard working shops with steady work is our passion.

Sales & Marketing

We have a team of sales reps and automated marketing to help fill a small shop's pipeline to capacity.

Process Excellence

We put in place an easy to follow process involving Key Performance Indicators and Metrics to make sure expectations are met on both sides of the aisle.

P1ston Technology

Our Software easily and efficiently connects buyers with the parts they need, from quoting to delivery.

Utilizing our proprietary Sp1ndle operating system, we provided our client with parts exceeding our own capabilities in a timely, cost effective manner.


Michael ViskVP Sales

Fabrication News

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IES adopts our new product specifications

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Excellence is the Culture

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